“And on the seventh day….. He rested.”…..Genesis

And Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek played golf…..

And so did I…..Happy Sunday!

And so it is on this day in Fenway Park history, March 4, 2012.

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About fenwaypark100

Hello and welcome, my name is Raymond Sinibaldi. I am passionate about life! My passions include baseball, writing, history, teaching, golf and above all love. This blog gives me the opportunity to incorporate five of those passions for I love baseball, I love to write, I love history, I love to teach and did I tell you, I love! I am a baseball fan who loves the Red Sox. That’s an important difference from being simply a Red Sox fan. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have lived and died with the Red Sox since my first trip to Fenway in the summer of 1959, but being a baseball fan allowed me to appreciate that night in October of 2011 when the Red Sox imploded and the Rays prevailed within minutes of each other. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of what is called ‘Red Sox Nation”. I fancy myself a member of what Red Sox broadcaster Ned Martin used to call, the “Fenway Faithful”. My passion for baseball and the Red Sox has brought me to coauthor two books, The Babe in Red Stockings published in 1997 and Images of America, Fenway Park which will be released on April 9, 2012. It also brought me in touch with the magic of sculptor Franc Talarico whom I was honored to be asked to consult him as he sculpted the “Jimmy Fund” statue of Ted Williams which stands outside both Fenway Park and Jet Blue Park Fenway South, in Fort Myers Florida. It is all of this and the immeasurable inspiration of a dear friend which has led me here. So welcome aboard, enjoy and if you are so inclined participate in my little tribute to Fenway Park and her 100th birthday.
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