Crawford, Beckett, Valentine and Foolishness!

 Last winter, the Red Sox signed this man, Carl Crawford and agreed to pay him $142,000,000 if he would play baseball for them.

Everyone was very happy around Fenway Park.



The people who root for this team in Tampa, were not as happy.




That is until Carl started to make these kinds of faces,


As the season progressed Carl made more and more of these kinds of faces because things were not going so well.

In fact things went so poorly for Carl and his new team that his manager got fired.

Terry Francona’s Red Sox were 8-0 in two World Series.

This led to the hiring of this man, Bobby Valentine and he went to the same place in Fenway Park where Carl Crawford and everyone were smiling last year. And now he was smiling. That must be Fenway’s happy place.

 This is where it gets a little dicey. You see when Bobby V was at his last job broadcasting for ESPN, he said some things about Carl’s struggles that did not endear him to Mr. Crawford. So he was not smiling to learn that Bobby V was his new boss.

While in that TV booth, Bobby V had a few things to say about this man too. He is Josh Beckett.

 Bobby V suggested that Josh might want to pick up the pace a bit on the mound because he takes a week and a half between pitches. I made that up but he is veeeeeeeeeeeery, shall we say, deliberate. Well that made Josh make this face.

And then when he found out that Bobby V was his new boss, he did this!

 Now it is up to Bobby V to make nice, nice with these two unhappy campers. He called them on the phone and Josh yelled at him for about 15 minutes and then, according to Bobby V, they did in fact make up. But Carl has not returned his phone call. But again, according to Bobby, he did “talk to Carl through his agent”, huh?

 Enter these guys, a sports radio station in Boston. Now these people are zany, obnoxious, overbearing, amusing and can be entertaining. Last week I was in Boston. What was going on in Boston was: the Patriots were preparing for the last football game of the year in which a win would give them top seed for the playoffs, the Celtics opened their season and the Bruins are in the midst of defending their Stanley Cup. Yet everyday, EVERYDAY they were talking about Carl Crawford not returning Bobby V’s phone call! And now Bobby is flying, on a plane, to meet Carl, and Josh at their homes in Texas, I assume to make nice, nice.

Well a word of advice for Mr. Crawford, these people,

appear a bit annoyed with you right now, so I suggest that you make nice, nice with your new boss or in lieu of that, hit .350 in April. That is sure to keep them from turning into this,


              And so it is on this day in Fenway Park history, January 4, 2012







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