“And when you talk of heroes, and I’ve had many since a lad.” Happy Father’s Day…..Raymond Sinibaldi

A Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad’s out there. Today I re-post a tribute to my Dad. For those of you who can, don’t forget to call the Pops today. Me? I’ll pause, remember and smile.

Today I share with you the honor of being Dad’s son.

I wrote this to him for his 75th birthday!


 I suppose that Teddy Ballgame would have to have been my first;

And learning of him at your hand, I could have done much worse.

They followed fast and furious, all of them played my game;



And Yaz….

Just to mention some by name.

Football game me some of them. There was…..




 Babe and Gino

Were among them too….

And all of them were tough.

From the parquet floor they also came…..



The Cooz.

In green and white they forged their fight,

we knew they’d never lose.

The Garden ice gave me but one, the fabulous number 4, players come and players go,

There’ll never be another Orr.

The music world presented them, social comments with their songs,

The Beatles

Dylan, Joan Baez

In my eyes could do no wrong.

In ’61’ he said “the call had summoned us again”…..

He sought for us a higher place where we had never been.

In ’63’ they shot him down,

 But let it never be forgot,

That one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot.

The sixties were tumultuous, there were bus rides, sit-ins, protests.

 Martin Luther King taught us, non-violence is best.

 He marched on Washington DC to tell us of his dream,

And they shot him down too, as crazy as it seems.

Our country then exploded and our cities burned at night, who or where could we turn now to show us what was right?

Bobby Kennedy stepped forward to pick up the New Frontier.

But a bullet….. would claim him too,

 confirming our worst fears.

We stumbled to the seventies, and barely stayed in tact.

Without a clue of where to turn, to straighten up our act,

Election year 1972,

And Senator George McGovern,

Massachusetts was oh so right,

As America came to learn…..

He was the last to stand upon my pedastal called hero,

For the seventies gave us Nixon, Agnew and a significant flock of zeros.

Or maybe I’ve grown wiser, as the years have tiptoed by,

Or maybe there just are no more, I think to myself and sigh.

Alas the 1980s, which Orwell said to fear,

Twenty plus years of baseball

And Yastrzemski was still here.

In ’83’ he said goodbye,

 That final boyhood link was gone….

For at 30, I was a big boy now, it was time for movin on.

It’s March the year 2012 and I’ve snuck past 55, appreciating more with each new day what it means to be alive.

And as I sit here and reflect on heroes of the past, one stands head and shoulders over this or any class.

He never hit one over Fenway’s monster made of green, in the Senate or the White House he was never seen.

He never threw a touchdown pass or sank two from the line, and he never wrote a song before and that suits me just fine.

For he’d guide with all his wisdom, and support with all his strength, and when ere he was asked to please help out, he would go to any length.

He’s been a rock to stand on for lo so many years, and with love and understanding, he has soothed so many fears.

So when you talk of heroes, and I’ve had many since a lad, one and only one remains to me…..


and that’s my Dad!

Happy Birthday Papaluche, you are with me always!

And so it was, and so it is on this day in Fenway Park history, March 31, 1921, March 31, 1953, March 31, 2012.

About fenwaypark100

Hello and welcome, my name is Raymond Sinibaldi. An educator for more than two decades, a baseball fan for nearly 60 years, I have authored four books about baseball and her glorious history; with a fifth on the way in late spring of 2015; the first, The Babe in Red Stockings which was co-authored with Kerry Keene and David Hickey. It is a chronicle of Babe's days with the Red Sox. We also penned a screenplay about Babe's Red Sox days so if any of you are Hollywood inclined or would like to represent us in forwarding that effort feel free to contact me through my email. In 2012 we three amigos published Images of Fenway Park in honor of the 100th birthday of Fenway Park. That led to the creation of this blog. The following year, 2013 came my first solo venture, Spring Training in Bradenton and Sarasota. This is a pictorial history of spring training in those two Florida cities. The spring of 2014 brought forth the 1967 Red Sox, The Impossible Dream Season. The title speaks for itself and it also is a pictorial history. Many of the photos in this book were never published before. The spring of 2015 will bring 1975 Red Sox, American League Champions. Another pictorial effort, this will be about the Red Sox championship season of 1975 and the World Series that restored baseball in America. I was fortunate enough to consult with sculptor Franc Talarico on the “Jimmy Fund” statue of Ted Williams which stands outside both Fenway Park and Jet Blue Park Fenway South, in Fort Myers Florida. That story is contained in the near 300 posts which are contained herein. This blog has been dormant for awhile but 2015 will bring it back to life so jump on board, pass the word and feel free to contact me about anything you read or ideas you may have for a topic. Thanks for stopping by, poke around and enjoy. Autographed copies of all my books are available here, simply click on Raymond Sinibaldi and email me.
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