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“If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.” Erma Bombeck

Let’s see if you pay attention. I begin with the essential question which is this; what do the Bulldogs, Shamrocks, Redskins, Bears, Yanks and Patriots have in common? Now before you go off all willy nilly and start thinking this or … Continue reading

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“Reasons, there are no reasons, why some of us live and why some of us don’t” William Forrester

The Boston College football team (begun in 1892) played its first game at Fenway Park in 1914 and in fact played their home games at Fenway for 13 different seasons, the first in 1928, the last being 1953-1956. Just like Boston University, they too found Fenway … Continue reading

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“The finest prospect I have ever seen.” Notre Dame Head Coach Frank Leahy on Harry Agganis

The Terriors of Boston University played their home games at Fenway Park for four seasons, (1949-1952). They found the confines of Fenway Park very friendly as in those four seasons they compiled a record of 14-7-1 in games played there. The … Continue reading

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“We love Fenway Park because we love antiques, be they rocking chairs or ballparks. But we love it even more because the eccentricities of the place mirror our own. It is, like us, difficult and cranky. And this makes it a mighty hard place for a player to play in. Too bad. Players come and go, but Fenway Park may become an American Pyramid.” Clark Booth

HAPPY THANKSGIVING….. Thanksgiving means football and one might ask what does football have to do with Fenway Park. Well, quite a lot actually! No less than five different professional football teams called Fenway Park their home; not to mention both … Continue reading

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